nopCommerce Hosting Plans


As a nopCommerce Silver Partner, GoldenComm has implemented and currently hosts numerous nopCommerce custom CMS, intranet, and eCommerce web sites. We have specialized in hosting eCommerce, lead generation, and custom websites for over 15 years with 1,000+ web sites. Protecting our clients data, ensuring high availablity, and optimizing performance are among our top priorities. Our dedicated servers are fully managed in Rackspace hosting facility, which has the highest levels of performance and meets strict control and compliance requirements.

To achieve the highest level of availability and performance, GoldenComm hosting solutions have redundancy at multiple levels, covering networks, firewalls, web servers, database servers, and disk drives. Web sites and servers hosted by GoldenComm are constantly being maintained by monitoring tools, intrusion detection systems, Alert Logic security teams, Rackspace fanatical support teams, and GoldenComm technical support teams.

Standard Included Service

  • PCI compliant hosting environment.
  • Enterprise firewall with active redundancy.
  • Managed Backup - Incremental backup daily, full backup weekly, 2 week retention on-site.
  • Clustered Web Server - Active-active redundancy web server hypervisors. If one web server encounters hardware failure, the second web server hypervisor will take over while failed server is taken offline for maintenance.
  • Clustered Database Server - Active-Passive redundancy database server hypervisor. If the active database server encounters hardware failure, the second database server hypervisor will be brought online to take over and the failed server will be taken offline for maintenance.
  • Custom hardware or software installation options are available.
  • Intrusion detection system and Alert Logic 24/7 server included.
  • Barracuda anti-spam, anti-virus and email relay appliance included.
  • Development and staging hosting environments are separated from production environment.
  • Phone, email and ticket system support included.
  • All servers reside in a Rackspace hosting facility with 24/7 fully managed support.