Clarion Technologies

At GoldenComm, we partner with Clarion Technologies to provide dedicated developer and programming resources to complement our US-based development team. This gives GoldenComm a global cadence providing 24x7 support for our varied clients.

Clarion Solutions that Support GoldenComm clients:

  • Website Development
  • CMS - Content Management Systems
  • Application Development
  • Backend development and complex systems integration
  • Mobile Development

With the continued heavy demand for robust ecommerce and integrated website systems, finding talented and experienced developers is getting harder all the time. Since 2011, Clarion has provided GoldenComm with dedicated developers highly skilled in front end and back end development, data management, systems integration, testing, and quality assurance. Clarion has played a big part in helping GoldenComm scale to exceed our clients' expectations and solve complex technical challenges.

Top B2B Companies Clutch Global 2018Clarion is recognized as one of the best development resources in the world.

The Clarion team and GoldenComm team work side-by-side with daily standups and bi-weekly reviews. GoldenComm and Clarion have an informal program where we send teammates back and forth to increase communication and align culture between the two firms.

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