Golden Rule #13: Build a Trojan Horse to Get Inside Qualified Customers

September 05, 2017 | By Nicole Matthews

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The tale of the Trojan Horse epitomizes the creativity demonstrated by the Greeks in achieving what seemed impossible at the time.


As you may remember, the Greeks – led by Odysseus – built a giant horse of wood where a good majority of the Greek army were stowed. Once they got into the walled city of Troy, the Greek army stormed out of the horse and took over Troy.

The brilliance of the Trojan Horse was in its design, intent, and execution. The same holds true of Trojan Horse websites.

If given the choice between a new website and qualified leads, most businesses will likely tell you they want qualified leads. A Trojan Horse website can do just that for your company because this site allows you to reach those qualified leads you desire.

Just having a Trojan Horse website isn’t going to result in increased sales, profit margins, and revenue. In order to truly maximize the benefits of a Trojan Horse website, you need to pair it with a reverse IP tracking system. We use LeadLander which allows us to track everything from web pages visited, visitor locations, and their referring websites (e.g. Google, Facebook, etc.). This data gives businesses necessary insight to make marketing decisions that result in identifying buyers who are ready for their products or services.


One of our clients owns and operates a company that, among other services, offers forklift rentals.


The company owner told us that while he generates sufficient revenue from forklift rentals, their other services comprise a larger portion of revenue but where harder to “sell.”

After some discussion, we built him a Trojan Horse site that focuses exclusively on forklift rentals. This provided our client a great opportunity, upon delivery of the forklift, to get in front of warehouse decision makers and offer their other services.


What our client discovered was, once his team member delivered a forklift, he was able to do a visual assessment of the warehouse before offering secondary services like repairing loading docks, ensure lifts are working properly, etc. He noticed an uptick in forklift rentals, but more important to him, he saw a big increase in demand for their other services.

Because a vast majority of people don’t know what they want, even though they think they do, the Trojan Horse websites are a perfect asset to help drive an increase in qualified leads. We here at GoldenComm have our own Trojan Horse website. Our CEO, Jason Lavin, is one of the most in-demand speakers in Orange County on the topic of SEO. Because people think they must have SEO, Jason’s presentations are very well attended.


But, in Jason’s opinion people don’t need SEO as much as they think they do. Instead, we believe businesses need a strategic marketing campaign which is why you’ll notice listed at the bottom of the page, that Jason discusses Landing Pages and Microsites during his presentation. It is usually at this point attendees realize that while they thought they needed SEO, the other services GoldenComm offers are of more value to them.


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