Partner Best Practices
BY: Audra Gussin


What good is having a marketing automation system if it isn’t hooked up to your website? And not only hooked up to your website, but dialed in so you don’t have to do any of the work?

SecureAuth, a leader in providing identity solutions with Single Sign-on and Two-Factor Authentication, needed to solve a problem: the current website integration with Salesforce Pardot was not cutting it. Salesforce Pardot is only great if it is set up correctly, and it was not optimized to understand their customers to an extensive degree. That’s where we came in.

First, we needed to understand the potential customer a little more. What interests them? How did they find the website? Are they just browsing, or are they interested in the product? What are they downloading on the website? What forms are they filling out? Have they filled out a form on the website before? Has someone on the business development team already reached out to them? Through sweat and teamwork, we were able to put the necessary items in place to find answers to these questions. We wanted the website platform to record potential customer information (for redundancy and backup), and needed Salesforce Pardot to store the information (so it could be accessed in the CRM – Salesforce).

Throughout development of the new Kentico Ultimate website, our technical team worked closely with Salesforce Pardot to ensure we were using the most up-to-date connection methods and form handlers. Our team found that the most effective way to connect Kentico to Salesforce Pardot was to use multiple form handlers, with custom fields for additional data. That way we could be sure all the data we wanted to capture would be available for future review.

Ok, but what happens when the SecureAuth team needs to create a new form on the website after launch? Our team has your back. We create instructional how-to-videos designed specifically for each client, and we hold tutorial Go-To-Meeting sessions with our clients to empower them with the knowledge they need to make whatever changes they desire. Contact us to see if we can help with your Kentico integration with Salesforce.