Drew Ruppel Back End Developer

I was born and raised in the City of Orange, CA. I have always enjoyed living in the tiny historic side of my town and never really plan on leaving the town. It's a great little place with great people. I started my career in computing at a young age changing the sounds on my parent’s computer to play funny sound clips instead of the notification sounds. A small feat by today’s standards, but I was hooked. I continued to make and break computer systems for much of my teenage years and took a liking to the programming world. I am currently finishing my BS in computer science, specializing in cyber security. I worked as a full-stack developer for two years at a previous company and I now have taken up position as a back-end developer, mostly working in PHP. However, I pride myself in knowing various programming languages.

In my free time I like to contribute to the open source community, go to concerts and work on my trucks. I have also played the trumpet for 12 years, enjoy over landing and have recently started dabbling in the world of amateur astronomy and astrophotography. Space really is "the final frontier" and I hope in my lifetime I get to travel outside our planet’s atmosphere.