Garrett Thaxton Client Services

Customer service is my top professional priority. I live my life with a motto that reads, "If you focus on your profits instead of your customers, in time, you will have neither." Customer service is severely lacking in our ever changing world but I am going to fix that. I care what our customer's problems and requirements are. I listen to what they need and will recommend a solution based on their situation, not what yields the highest profit.

About a year after I graduated from UCSB, I met my wife. About two years later we were engaged. We married a year later, and had a daughter the following year. My daughter is my world. Nothing has brought me more happiness than watching her discover walking, talking, shapes and colors. Everything I do is to make sure her future is comfortable and bright. She is my world.

If you are looking for someone to hear you, understand what you are saying, and work with you to provide a complete solution, call us up and ask for me. I will take care of you.