Matthew Belanic Back End Developer

My name is Matthew Belanic. I grew up in Orange County, California and have lived here almost all of my life. I attended Saint Mary’s College of California in the San Francisco Bay Area where I received a B.A. in History.  While I was also attending school there, I elected to take a computer science course. I had always been interested in computers. I took the course and enjoyed it greatly. I knew at that point I wanted a career in this field. Following my graduation at St. Mary’s I pursued a Master’s Program in Software Engineering at California State University Fullerton. 

I am someone who loves to keep learning. I enjoy reading and studying about historical events around the world. I also like to travel and have been lucky enough to travel to some of the places I have read about. I find it interesting to read about a historical event and then actually go and see where that event took place. Other hobbies of mine include golf and video gaming.