Matthew Rasmussen Front End Developer

I've lived in the Salt Lake Valley my entire life. Growing up I always had an interest in creating, usually music. I was in several bands throughout high school and college, and I still love picking up my guitar and jamming out with friends and family. I was always intrigued by computers, and their seemingly limitless capabilities, as a kid. When it came time to buckle down and pick a focus in college, I realized that I also had a strong passion for technology. I signed up for an Intro to Programming class, and I've been obsessed with development ever since. Web Development is the perfect combination of my love of solving problems and creating something for people to enjoy.

I love being in the outdoors. Whether it's hiking, camping, or snowboarding, if I'm outside in the fresh air I'm happy. Especially if I get to enjoy it with my dog Renly. Of course, those activities wouldn't happen without a trusty backpack full of water, trail mix, and any other essentials for the activity.