Tyson Santo Online Marketing Analyst

My name is Tyson Santo and I’ve been doing Digital Marketing since 2015. I started off as an entrepreneur selling SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing to just about anyone. After learning that I was better at marketing other people than myself I got a job marketing apartments. After several years marketing affordable, luxury, and military housing I realized I wanted to grow my skill set. I heard about GoldenComm’s new office in SLC. After meeting the team and feeling out the culture I knew that GoldenComm was providing their clients with a high quality digital marketing offering. I had to become a part of the team.
In my free time you will see me doing a variety of things. You could see me in the gym lifting weights, outside riding my bike, or on the couch playing video games. The thing I enjoy the most is body building. There is something about looking at oneself with respect and working to sculpt yourself into the image you want.