Zak Perez Online Marketing Dev Tech Lead

My name is Zak Perez, I am a person who is driven by the gratification of achieving goals. Since 2004 I have fully immersed myself into the world of design. While attending California State University Fullerton (2009 – 2011) I focused my efforts in becoming a versatile designer. At my current employment, GoldenComm, a full service website agency, I have been provided with the tools and resources to become a reliable and efficient front end developer. I am skilled in WordPress and Kentico development and integration. I also have experience in Magento, nopCommerce, Shopify and aspdotnetstorefront development. During my five and a half years as a frontend developer I eventually grew into the tech lead role. In that role I gained experience managing other developers on my team and even some of our overseas developers. One of my strengths is being the go to resource for bridging the communication gap between clients, project managers and development teams.

In March 2017 I was offered the opportunity to move into the online marketing department. I still consider UX/UI to be one of my core strengths, and I am still in a tech lead role, but my focus has evolved from strictly coding and design to strategy. I've perceived the power of Google Analytics. Possessing the ability to analyze data in order to make strategic decisions that are geared towards driving traffic and increasing conversions is something that has really peaked my interest. One of my new strengths is auditing websites and finding opportunities and areas of improvement, particularly within SEO, UX/UI and page speed. One of my goals is to use my development/ design experience and business acumen to create an impact by helping accelerate the growth and revenue of the clients I work with.