Alvin Nguyen Online Marketing Analyst

Growing up, my parents put me on the path of becoming a pharmacist. The younger version of myself didn't know any better and followed their wish.  Three years into college, I realized this was a mistake. Not wanting to spend more money, I decided to complete my degree in chemistry instead of changing majors.
After college, I stumbled upon digital marketing. Writing ad copy, problem-solving, and staying up to date with the latest algorithm change caught my attention. Since then I started working for ad agencies, helping companies understand how to use AdWords and grow their online presence.
My ideal day is waking up early in the morning to work out, followed by having a cup of coffee with a book in hand. At night, you can catch me spending time with friends and family exchanging experiences and banter. One day, I will travel the world working remotely. Watch out India. I'm coming for you!