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Create Engagement Tools

One of the many problems with most websites is that they are written with the assumption that visitors are ready to buy. Phrases such as “contact us” and “get started now” are familiar CTAs (calls to actions) that you’re probably used to seeing.

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The problem with that assumption is that it’s wrong. Most people who visit websites are NOT ready to buy, they still need some prodding along.

One of the most powerful ways to get someone to understand the value of your business is to engage and experience it first hand – before you even make the sale. So how do you get that type of interaction? By building out meaningful engagement tools on your website.

Engagement tools range from ROI calculators to readiness assessments and quizzes. They are extremely beneficial for many reasons:

  • They collect information about a new lead through the tool.
  • They make great sales tools when mid-call with a potential lead.
  • They validate the user’s intent, allowing you to lead score them, and move the visitor down the sales funnel.
  • They collect data from potential leads who may not be ready for that "Contact Now" form, but are still interested in your business.
  • They provide value without selling something.

Great marketing minds are always looking for a way to assist the sales team by filling their sales funnel. Engagement tools do that, plus more; engagement tools can nurture your leads in a more targeted way, based on the visitor’s interaction.

A great example of an engagement tool is one of GoldenComm’s clients, Jeff Motske is the founder of Trilogy Financial Services and uses as a way to connect with a different audience.

We integrated a "Financial Compatibility Quiz" for younger couples starting out on the next phase in life.

At the start, a person enters their own and their mate’s email addresses.

That first person is then asked a series of questions about how they feel about finances. At the end of the quiz, we store the first person’s answers and send an email to their mate, asking them to also take the quiz.

Upon completion, they receive their compatibility score with an invitation to learn more about financial planning.

Rule 7 - Create engagment tools jeff motske quiz 1.jpg Rule 7 - Create engagement tools jeff motske quiz 2

Jeff Motske uses this engagement tool to give him and his team insight into the current financial planning state of the couple. It also gives the couple enough information and motivation to inquire about taking the next step and learning more.

With the implementation of the engagement tool on this site, we were able to see hundreds of new leads each year, including several spikes when one of the PR stories hit.

In closing, engagement tools are a great opportunity for you to nurture a potential lead into a hot lead, fill your sales/lead funnel to engage in marketing automation, and collect visitor emails for future contact.

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