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Almost every company has one and marketers stress the importance of staying current with your posts.

What most people don't touch on is the right way to manage your blog and the content therein.

Having content just to have content isn't the best strategy. Companies are mixing whitepapers, technical posts, solution papers, opinion papers, best practices, tips & tricks, event promotions, and more into a single blog hub. As with any channel, there should be segmentation and a purpose behind it. The purpose of your blog is to humanize.

This is a space where you can take advantage of highlighting the human element of your business, and even better, use the space to talk about the people that make your business different from others. Highlighting is a great way for customers to see into the core of your company values. You might be saying to yourself, "Technology is at the core of what we do. How am I supposed to have a blog without technical information?" - it's all about how you leverage and position that information.

Take GoldenComm's blog, for example.

Rule 11 - Humanize your blog goldencomm


As a company, GoldenComm is deeply rooted in the technical underpinnings of the development and digital marketing world. However, the content in the GoldenComm blog is not about the best practices for development, rather, stories like hosting our partners pepper the page. Technical topic, humanized delivery.

How do you humanize? Let's give a quick example. We were fortunate to have Eric Webb, VP of Sales for North America for Kentico, pay us a visit. And we wrote a blog about it.

We had a choice: we could write all about the technical underpinnings of the amazing .NET Kentico Xperience and platform. We could have talked about all of the complex work we've done for clients that have websites on Kentico. We could have done a deep dive into the capabilities of the platform, the use case… you're starting to drift, aren't you?

Case in point – we kept it short and sweet. We highlighted our awesome partner, gave a few nuggets of info, and called it a day.

There is a major personal element that you can't fold into a whitepaper, but with your blog, posts don't have to be as long as a whitepaper. Keep them short, content rich, and to the point. This will help you publish posts consistently, without placing too much of a strain on your content team.

In the end, your blog is what you make it, but you would be wise to make sure the voice is a humanized version of your company. People buy from people. If they can relate to your brand and business on a personal level, you are more likely to leave an impact and create a strong relationship.

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