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Refresh Your Remarketing Banners

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”
“Change it up”

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A simple Google search on the benefits of remarketing will yield more than 300,000 results. You can choose just about any of them and get a laundry list of “why” companies should use remarketing.

This Golden Rule will focus on how often to change the creative and messaging of your brand awareness campaign.

The easiest place to start with your remarketing creative is with several seasonal suites that follow your marketing calendar, which means the first place to start is by making a marketing calendar. If you don’t have a marketing calendar, good news, you can make one any time. As a matter of fact, the best time to start a marketing calendar is NOW!

The marketing calendar can have all the obvious events, such as:

  • New Year’s
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Spring
  • Memorial Day
  • Summer
  • Independence Day
  • Fall
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

Your company might have other big events such as:

  • Trade Shows
  • Seminars
  • Customer Events
  • Webinars
  • Milestones

Using seasonality to influence the action of your repeat visitors will instantly make you stand out from the crowd.

Each time you swap your creative, which should always be a subtle change to maintain brand integrity, your remarketing audience will say to themselves, “Boy, ABC company is ALWAYS on it!”

Here is a really simple example of one of GoldenComm’s clients that effectively uses its marketing calendar to help drive conversions.

Neutron Industries is a US manufacturer of commercial air care, cleaning, and specialty chemical products for cleaning professionals.

Here is the “standard” or “evergreen” remarketing banner that is displayed through most of the year.
Neutron Banners Sample 1

And here is the seasonal change we make to the remarketing banners just before Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Veterans Day.

This change is just enough to “wake our audience up” and drive click-through rates, based on new visual signals.

Neutron Banners Sample 2
Responsive Ads

Don’t have a designer? Have no fear – there is another technique called “Responsive Display Ads”.

Google Display gives you the option to upload variations in headlines, images, descriptions, and logos. From there, its automated engine goes to work and dynamically creates responsive remarketing banners for you – optimizing along the way. Pretty awesome.

A Hidden Gem!

As we mentioned earlier about Googling the benefits of remarketing, there is one benefit that we don’t hear people talk about often, but to us, it’s a hidden gem. Creating a marketing calendar and mirroring your remarketing to this calendar will actually increase employee engagement and employee morale. Yes, it’s true… this simple and cost-effective technique, beyond all the obvious benefits with your customers, prospects, suppliers, etc, can actually help increase employee morale.

Employees want to work for a company that is “on it” and changing up the relevance of your remarketing banners communicates just that… and it’s SO EASY TO DO… which is why it’s one of our Golden Rules.


It’s been a LONG TIME since we’ve seen a business that should NOT participate in some form of remarketing. After all, there is no more cost-effective way to connect with those people that already know you.

Swapping up your creative only makes the practice more effective. And, of course, you should always be testing. Never settle. You can always make adjustments. Keep challenging yourself to beat your last best performance and good things will happen.

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