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Use Trust Seals and Link to the Source

There is good news and bad news when it comes to researching products and services on-line. The good news is that a searcher can literally find any company or person on-line to purchase products or services. And, as we know, many companies and people can be unqualified, or even fraudulent.

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Question: How can you give your anonymous web visitors (e.g. people who come to your website but don’t know you) the confidence that you’re the real deal?

Answer: Use Trust Seals and Link to the Source

For any website that sells a product or service… whether it be an eCommerce site or a call-to-action to request a quote, there are two ways to increase your business.

One way is to increase traffic to the site (more traffic = more business).

The other way is to increase the conversion rate of the existing traffic. This is where Golden Rule #5 comes in handy.

There are several ways to increase conversions. One proven way is by putting a “trust seal” on the footer and/or the checkout page. These trust seals have proven to put web visitors at ease that they are dealing with a reputable firm and that their data is safe and secure.

There are tons and tons of trust seals out there, and undoubtedly you will recognize some of the more popular ones that are listed below.

Rule 5 - Trust Seals Sample
Each one of these seals should be hyperlinked to the issuing company’s website which verifies that the site is using the service correctly. One example of a GoldenComm customer using such a strategy is You can see below how they “link to the source” of their TrustPilot Trust Seal.
Rule 5 - Use trust seals and link to the source

Other types of trust seals are industry-specific seals. Some customers we work with have a member association or other body of standards that oversees the integrity of the profession.

Chances are that you've spent real money in getting valuable third-party endorsements. Why not put those endorsements to work for you by adding the trust seals to your website!

Examples of these trust badges are:

Rule 5 - Trust seals sample 2.jpg


The internet is a confusing place for many web searchers, so doing something as easy as adding a trusted seal can help increase conversions. If your site isn't displaying a trust seal, you're missing an opportunity to increase trust, close more sales, and add to the top of your funnel.

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