Cleveland Factory Yields California Banker

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Mike Chambers talks about his rise to bank president and the insights he's learned along the way.

Hear Mike's great story.
Get ready to hear the Mike Chambers story, one filled with grit, determination, and perseverance. 

Mike Chambers comes from the lunch pail city of Cleveland, Ohio. As Mike always says, "he didn't come from a rich family, but he came from a family rich environment." Mike's father was a tool and die maker, so growing up in a factory taught Mike many lessons as well as providing him valuable insight into the world. 

Mike ventured out of Cleveland to go to to college at Coastal Carolina University. After many family vacations to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, he wanted to go to school near, "the best place on earth". Learning lessons from experiencing something new and getting uncomfortable after leaving his hometown, led Mike to become his senior class president and gave him the opprotunity to speak at his own graduation ceremony. Mike loved his time at CCU anad has a special connection with the mascot, Chauncey the Chanticleer.

After college Mike went on to become a telemarketer. He says he didn't have much value or want in being a telemarketer, but he was able to build lifelong habits of being persistent and energetic in the work he is doing. At this job he also learned the very valuable lesson that, it's not sometimes skills that puts someone on top, but their work ethic. 

Through his hard work, he found himself on the west coast representing all the major sports teams. After the company he worked for got bought out, he made the choice to walk away and help his dad retire. In his time, Mike joined the board of his local Boys and Girls Club, and through volunteering there, he was presented with the opptorunity to invest in a startup bank called Partners Bank of California, where he is now president. 

Learn from Mike as he shares more of his great advice and key insights he's gained during his professional career and listen to the rest of the podcast to hear more of Mike's great story. 

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