MBWA with Taylor

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This podcast cites an old management technique, Managing by Walking Around (coined in the book In Search of Excellence) aka MBWA. Taylor is GoldenComm’s Marketing Team Lead. What was on Taylor’s screen was his 2023 development plan. What does the Marketing Team Lead at GoldenComm have on his plan?

A discussion on Employee Growth with Taylor

Check out clips from this podcast

Taylor Books wears many hats at GoldenComm (including the character of Chet in our
Marketing Automation video).

This podcast covers the 5 areas that Taylor is committing to grow in his personal development
plan. This is not only important to us at GoldenComm, but all of our clients – as our team our
client’s team.

So if you’re a client, you might find this interesting.
Or, if you’re in Internet Marketing yourself, it might be interesting.

Go Taylor Go

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