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Marketing Internship Summer 2023 - That's a Wrap

Marketing Internship Summer 2023 - That's a Wrap
Meet Haley Do (sophomore at USC) and Spencer O’Bryan (junior at Baylor University).

These two wrapped up their summer internship at GoldenComm and our CEO Jason Lavin got to sit down and ask a few questions of what it was like.

Some takeaways

3:40 – “what did you learn?” 

Jason uses a popcorn analogy.  The concept is that you’re either a kernel or you’re popcorn. When a kernel pops – it turns into popcorn.  That’s when you “get it”  - meaning you did not know something, and now you do.

4:15 – Spencer’s popcorn moment was understanding how the ads (on Google) worked. How precise and directed they can be.

5:10 – Haley’s popcorn moment was similar to Spencer’s – basically how we use 

6:30 – Jason introduces “Peaks and Pits”
           The best part of the internship, and worse part of the internship,

7:00 - Haley’s peak was the video projects she worked on. Specially the Ant-Man parody she created and posted.

9:45 – Spencer’s peak was working on the Newport Football website and the Sunset Rewind website and magazine and seeing how those projects come together.

10:30 – Haley’s pit was some of the more technical topics that she did not get the entire concepts right away and having patience.

11:25 – Spencer’s pit was a web-quiz project that he grinded away at when he was working with one of our clients on a website quiz. Over 1,700 rows of possible answers that needed to be mapped and tested to make the right software recommendation. Tedious.

12:42 – Jason’s last question (and a tough question).  

“Who was the most helpful person to you?” It is a tough question because they are only allowed to pick one person.   A shout out to Spencer’s pick (CJ Bautista) and Haley’s pick (Taylor Brooks). As they saying goes… Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork.

Watch the podcast to get the full experience of what it’s like to be a marketing intern at GoldenComm and thank you Haley and Spencer for a job well done.

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