Poker and Cheap Car Insurance

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In this episode Jason Lavin (CEO) spends some time with impact player Grant Jaffe (Online Marketing Analyst) to learn what he did before working at GoldenComm and what he’s passionate about. Listeners to this podcast will learn more about hedgehog microsites and lead generation strategies.

Poker and Cheap Car Insurance

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Intro: Lady Gaga?

Grew up in Orange County. A Dartmouth graduate. A football player. Grant Jaffe (pronounced
JAH-Fee) is an impact player at GoldenComm. The podcast starts with learning a little about
Grant’s past and what he’s passionate about.

Turns out Grant has a passion for SEO, design and social media (just to name a few).

This segued into a conversation about some of Grant’s work, and specially his clients.

One of Grant’s favorite clients is White Chip Insurance. The podcast brings listener into a conversation
on what exactly we’re doing for this client and what the future looks like for this “startup” insurance
company. The word “startup” is in quotes because this insurance company has been in business for
many years, but what we’ve build for Bryon (owner) is what we call a hedgehog microsite.
Starting with a catchy name, “White Chip” – and the story behind that.

White Chip Insurance was branded an homage to Byron’s prolific poker playing. You see, a white chip is
the “least valued chip” in a poker game.

The podcast was done just after the site launched.

We also did nice branding for the site. A “dude” that looks like a white chip. Holding different cards (e.g. like a poker game). The character has subtle movements to keep the end-user engaged.

Grant goes into detail about the layout of the website and its simplicity from a customer’s point of view.  It’s also built with sales in mind.

The first few fields (e.g. name, email and phone) are the only think we ask for in the first screen. As soon as the user fills that out, all that information is emailed to one of the reps as the end user continues to fill out the rest of the form.  As the rest of the form is filled out, it just appends to the record.

This allows Bryon and his team to “get the jump” on the lead.

Many times, the user will get a phone call even before they finish filling out the form.

Grant explains that there are so many options on the Internet – that we need to make it as easy and quick as possible.

Jason demonstrates how easy it is to get started.

There is also minimum typing involved. The data comes from a car database, so all of the data is organized and consistent.

Now that the site is launched, we’re going to start with Google ads in Tampa area, and at some point expecting to expand throughout all 50 states.

Also created all social media accounts for White Chip, ranging from the popular spaces such as Facebook, Instagram, and twitter as well as the unexpected platforms like Pinterest.

And maybe most important is the Trustpilot account. Trustpilot is an amazing tool that allows customers to review the site. The interesting thing with Trustpilot is that it’s unfiltered. Fair game. Anyone that leaves a review you have to respect it and if it’s not a good review, you need to deal with it.

This gives the site big points with the consumer and with Google (search engines).

Jason explains how the website was built using API’s, meaning that “we can integrate to the carriers (Allstate, Farmers, etc.) channel system where we can write the entire insurance through the API with them, and Byron wouldn’t need to touch it”.

More to come… Byron is interested in eventually expanding his horizons to offer health insurance policies alongside his auto insurance policies.

Expecting big things from this website. Heck, people need the best cheap auto insurance agency.

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