SEO for Housewives

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This podcast reaches into the neighborhood on a quest to find out what normal people think of SEO, SEM, PPC and other digital marketing acronyms.

Mimi joins Jason to talk everything Google and digital marketing.

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“We’re rolling on the GoldenComm Podcast.”

This one we call the “Blackjack” podcast meaning it does not exceed 21 minutes or you __________ (bust).

Jason has done hundreds of SEO seminars over the last decade with business owners. One thing that is evident is that basic terms (such as SEO and SEM) in digital marketing is not really known at all unless you are in the digital marketing space.

Ask yourself: do you know what SEO and SEM mean? And do you understand the difference between the two? If you’re not sure, you probably don’t know and will like this podcast. 

If you do know what those are and what those mean, you’ll still probably like the podcast.
Every time Google runs a search, they hold a silent auction. The example used here is a person looking for car insurance.  How many auctions do you think Google runs every minute?

In addition to SEO and SEM, other acronyms/concepts that are mentioned here are:
SERP.  Church and State.  Organic Listing. Natural Listing. CPM. 

A “controversial” statement that Jason makes that the SEO is “overhyped and oversold” (not unimportant, but it’s overhyped and oversold).

Do you agree with that?

As well, “the most underplayed card” that is mentioned based on observation is SEM. Frankly because so many people in companies that oversee the budget don’t really understand how Google really works.  They use Google as a user, but not as a business accelerator/auction.

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