Solving Not Selling

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Ian Altman, co-author of Same Side Selling and business growth expert, is featured on this podcast. A straight-up b2b sales podcast.

Ian Altman joins Jason Lavin to talk about sales.
Four questions that are addressed by Ian Altman in this b2b sales podcast.

How do you build a sales culture within your company?
How do you set it up where people that are not actually in sales can actually sell and grow?
How do people that never *thought* they were in sales, become the rainmakers in the company?
How do some subject matter experts go from being repulsed by the notion of selling to becoming a top sales employee?

Enter the approach of Same Side Selling

The approach is highly influenced by Ian's co-author, Jack Quarles.  Jack is NOT in sales. Jack is a guy that spent over two decades in purchasing and procurement. Ian and Jack met up at an integrity peer-to-peer CEO networking group (called "Cadre" out of the Washington DC area). The two paired up to teach companies that when integrity is at the core of the sale, both parties can be on the same side (hence: Same Side Selling).

Most books on sales use a "game metaphor" or a "battle metaphor" - the problem with that, however, is that in games and battles there are WINNERS and LOSERS.  No wonder there are so many issues with buyers and sellers.

Same Side Selling uses more of a "puzzling metafor" - where both buyer and selling are collaborating.  Ian illustrates, "I bring my pieces... you bring your pieces.. and if they don't fit, then they don't fit. But if they do fit, then maybe we have something to talk about."

Consider watching this podcast if you want to STOP BAD SALES. Also check out Ian's other selling videos to learn more.

Thank you, Ian, for sharing your wisdom with our audience.

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