United Against Fentanyl with Paul Martin

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The synthetic opioid you've heard about. Paul Martin explains fentanyl in this 20 minute podcast.

Paul Martin and Jason discuss Fentanyl and what you may and may not know
Fentanyl had me confused. 

What the heck is it and how do I keep my kids (and my community) away from it?

Turns out, the answer is not so easy. 

If you’re confused on fentanyl and interested in learning more about it, watch this 20-minute podcast with Paul Martin. Paul is the CEO of United Against Fentanyl.

1:15 – You (Paul) have taken on this drug:  Fentanyl”
3:55 – Driving through Española  - a town in between Santa Fe and Abiquiú (northern New Mexico).
5:40 – Article in LA Times about Española
7:05 – “So I start knocking on some doors…”
11:40 – The business of fentanyl (legal and illegal uses)
12:50 – Lacing other pills with fentanyl (disguised as other drugs)
15:50 – Right now, there is no end in sight
17:30 – A calling to start United Against Fentanyl

The organization is in start up mode. You can learn more at UnitedAgainstFentanyl.org (as well as X and IG).  We’ll keep track of Paul and have him back for round 2 as things progress.  
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