Wild Goose Stories with Ethan Wayne

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Ethan Wayne shares stories and lessons from his dad in this 20 minute podcast

Lessons from, and what's next for, John Wayne Enterprises (with Ethan Wayne)
Ethan Wayne on growing up as John Wayne's son and some insight for what's new and next for the John Wayne brand and cowboy values.
0:00 – Welcome Ethan Wayne
0:20 – The Wild Goose – “when you hear Wild Goose, what do you think of?”
1:40 – John Wayne’s home in Bay Shores (circa 1964) and what Newport Beach was like in that era
2:55 – John Wayne lost his football scholarship (diving accident) and made his way to FOX Studios
3:30 – “how many movies” did John Wayne make?
3:50 – John Wayne Enterprises & John Wayne Cancer Foundation
4:15 – “The Stockyards” in Fort Worth Texas (with developer Craig Cavalier Majestic Development)
6:00 – Partnership with The Cowboy Channel and the John Wayne American Experience exhibit
8:35 – The Mission/Vision of John Wayne Enterprises
11:50 – John Wayne started at the bottom – known as “a guy you could count on” 
15:40 – Gold Handle Coffee – and life on the set with John Wayne
18:00 – Cowboy Values
19:33 – See you on the trail…

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