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At GoldenComm, the key to our peer review is context. Everyone needs to understand the scale and what that scale’s context is to have an accurate peer review. Our Customer Service & Operations Manager, Anya Pitre explains it in this podcast.

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Opening Walk Up Music: David Bowie (Anya’s choice)

Jason introduces Anya Petrie. 8+ years at GoldenComm and started as entry level customer service representative and now is Operations and Customer Service Manager (YES! that's a promotion - whoa).

After spending a few minutes getting to know Anya and a few projects that she’s working on, we get to the main topic of the podcast:  Our Peer Review Process.

Anya likes peer review because it’s not just a review with your manager.  It’s a review with the people that you rely on, and they rely on you.

Jason says, “You can fool me; but you can’t fool your peers.”

The key to our peer review is context. Meaning that everyone needs to understand the scale and what that scale’s context is, to have an accurate peer review.

5-minutes – we start talking about the process.

The first review is in 3 months.  And we do this for 3 or 4 years (and then we move to a different system).
Then we talk about the scale of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.

Summary of the scale:
1 - Does lower or less than what is expected. Needs improvement.
2 - Does minimum or baseline of what is expected or required.
3- Meets expectations; performance is admirable and contributes to the success of the team, project, and self. Shows willingness to learn & improve.
4 - Exceeds expectations; performance is consistently at a level of excellence which elevates workgroup effectiveness and/or company performance. Shows passion for continual improvement.
5 - No one better; someone could be as good, but no one better. The standard or benchmark to be equaled or exceeded.

What does taking out the trash have to do with a peer review?

It helps with context. Listen to the podcast and find out.

*Who* reviews you (in a peer review)? Listen to the podcast and find out.

What does "perception is reality" mean in this process?  Listen to the podcast and find out.

Thank you, Anya and Jason, for explaining the GC peer review process.

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