Christin Dang Front End Developer & Designer

I come from a traditional Asian family and, true to stereotype, my parents pressured me to become a doctor, lawyer or engineer. Uncertain of what I wanted to be, I followed their wish and majored in Biology at UCSD. During college I took an interest in the web and how my artistic talents could be used in web designing. After solidifying my interest by taking web courses and working on a machining company’s website, I attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and graduated with a MFA in Web Design & New Media. Since then I’ve been with the wonderful team at GoldenComm and greatly expanded my skill set. I do front end development as well as design work here and there. I love the problem solving, challenging nature of coding and the creativity of designing. It’s a great balance – coding and designing. If I did coding all the time, I think I would be pulling out my hair!

In my spare time, I enjoy making all sorts of baked goods like cookies, cupcakes and muffins. I also enjoy cooking, but I’ve had my share of cooking disasters so I stick with baking. Plus, I have a big sweet tooth!