David Palmer Project Manager

As a kid, my greatest hero and influence was Walt Disney. I admire everything about him from his work ethic to his love of life and family. His interests were wide and he used his curiosity to obtain new skills and become one of the greatest creators ever. Most importantly, I admire that he was almost always able to take his dreams and make them a reality.

Throughout my life, I have tried to emulate Mr. Disney’s creative spirit and can-do attitude. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering, I found work with tech companies, and focused on website hosting and design. It was a weird situation I was in, but I found I was good at it. More importantly, I enjoyed it. After a few years I decided to move forward with my education and pursue a masters degree. Instead of going back to engineering, I chose to obtain an MBA as I knew I would learn a wide variety of topics. Through this experience I found that my skills were very well suited to project management. I feel very lucky to have found such a great fit with GoldenComm, where I get the chance to use my creativity and drive to help create wonderful things. 

When I’m not orchestrating masterpieces for our clients, you can find me spending time with friends and family over a board game, visiting amusement parks, hiking in the beautiful mountains of Utah, or studying one of my many other interests which include 3D printing, coding, electronics, and information security.