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Saltwater Luxe

Saltwater Luxe

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  • Mobile-first eCommerce Design
  • Fit Guide
  • Super Smooth Checkout (Paypal or Credit Card)
  • Configurable Lightbox Coupon Codes

Fashion E-Commerce

This Shopify fashion eCommerce site is loaded with great features such as high-quality pictures, a fit guide, easy to find table of sizes, coupon lightbox, a sales section, and a super-smooth checkout process.

Customer in Control

Since the store owners are tech-savvy themselves, one of the requirements of SalwaterLuxe.com was that the owners would be able to run the store with little to no involvement from GoldenComm.   Shopify was the right solution for this site because the client did not have a ton of crazy business.  We (GoldenComm) probably get contacted 5-6 times per year to do a few hours of work, but other than that… they’ve been running on their own.

Saltwater Luxe
Saltwater Luxe


While GoldenComm would love to take credit for great results, let’s give credit where credit is due… this site has outstanding product, the clarity of images and the descriptions and measurements are awesome and the pricing is right.  Let’s just say we built them a website and they make it work hard for them.  Way to go Saltwater Luxe.

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