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Braun Intertec

Braun Intertec

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  • SharpSpring Integration
  • GoToWebinar Integration

Company Overview

Braun Intertec is a full service geotechnical, environmental consulting and testing firm. With several locations across the United States, Braun Intertec specializes in a variety of consulting such as, environmental, health & safety consulting and testing services in both public and private sectors. Their reach spans several markets from commercial to transportation to healthcare, just to name a few. As a thought leader in their industry, Braun Intertec is always looking to build relationships and recruit new talent in emerging markets.

What We Did

We brought a fresh, new, professional website design to the Braun Intertec site. During this project we seamlessly merged braunintertec.com and wh-m.com into a website that is easily accessible and easy to use. Two important components of this new website are the SharpSpring and GoToMeeting integrations with Wordpress. As analytics and Google Tag Mamager experts we made sure the site is set up with all the proper tracking capabilities to ensure we can continuously monitor the effectiveness and impact the website brings to Braun Intertec.

Braun Intertec
Braun Intertec

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