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CHURM | 360

CHURM | 360

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Company Overview

CHURM|360 is an entity founded and directed entirely by the principal, Steve Churm, and marks the “Fifth chapter” in his professional career. Steve utilizes this website as a portfolio of his award winning journalism and business acumen he has crafted for the last 30+ years. He demonstrates expertise in all aspects of corporate communication services; capital campaigns, crisis management and strategic communications, just to name a few. CHURM|360 offers potential clients the opportunity to get in touch with Steve and fill the gaps in their organizations at large. 


What We Did

GoldenComm worked with CHURM|360 to create a lead generation site to showcase the services Steve Churm has to offer professionals and businesses as a whole. For this, we created a dynamic 5-page site that introduces Steve, expounds upon his expertise and services, and showcases a Journal page that holds multiple informational blog posts by Steve. This will give CHURM|360 the platform it needs to generate leads and attract the particular clientele Steve is looking to serve.


CHURM | 360
CHURM | 360

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