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Silverado Hospice

Silverado Hospice

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Company Overview

Silverado Hospice is a company that is focused on providing compassionate, skilled hospice care. In addition, Silverado Hospice also provides palliative care programs, disease specific care plans such as cancer hospice programs and a variety of patient support programs. At Silverado they believe that how a person leaves this earth is as important as how they spent their life on it.

What We Did

We worked with the Silverado team to build a new lead generation Wordpress hedgehog microsite. While their current website, Silverado.com, had hospice as an offering, visitors had difficulties finding the information they needed. We wanted to create a microsite that would focus on the hospice side of the Silverado business, making sure there are answers to hospice care common questions. The Wordpress development for this project has produced a lightning fast, SEO optimized, user friendly and simple to navigate website that will better serve the Silverado Hospice clients.

Silverado Hospice
Silverado Hospice

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