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Valiex Micromobility

Valiex Micromobility

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  • eCommerce site for electric scooters
  • Shopify website with B-2-C conversion rate best practices
  • Third party plugins such as shipping and reviews


Company Overview

VALIEX is a start-up business founded by people who LOVE Scooters.

Based in SoCal, arguably the electric scooter capital of the world, is where this kind of transportation is not only efficient but also a lifestyle.

The website is built for people looking to buy electric scooters for adults. Valiex also offers a selection of stylish merchandise so you can look as good as you ride.

The company has started with two simple models. The Model G Scooter and the Model SG Scooter.  Look for more innovative products to come in the back half of 2023 from Valiex Micro.


What We Did

For this site, Shopify offers a perfect solution.  Speed was very important to this customer as we started the project in the fall and needed to have the site ready for the holiday season. We were able to get the Shopify site up-and-running in less than 2 months. Now, our online marketing team has taken over to drive traffic and conversions.



Valiex Micromobility
Valiex Micromobility

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