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  • Wordpress Development
  • Rebranding and UX/UI Design
  • API Integration

Company Overview

LeadLander was founded by a group of seasoned lead generation, sales development, and website analytics experts based on a simple idea: deliver more leads to your salespeople. LeadLander has the reputation of being the most recommended site tracking software allowing sales people, marketing groups, and business owners to see who is visiting their site, and turn those visits into actionable leads. What sets LeadLander apart from the competition is their ability to supercharge your sales and marketing teams through their high quality data, the intuitive easy-to-use interface of their software, and first-class support they offer their customers.

What We Did

The LeadLander team needed a fresh start, and came to Goldencomm, a long-time partner, for help. We assisted with a full rebranding and build of a brand new site, and utilized our Wordpress web development experience to build a B2B lead generation website that is easily editable by the client without having to write code. Our goal was to create a site that showcases LeadLanders accessibility to all customers – not just developers – and to provide the LeadLander team a solid platform to generate leads via their generous Free Trial offer.


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