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Vibes Modular

Vibes Modular

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The Company

Founded in 2014, Vibes Audio sought to create modular smartphone accessories. When your phone becomes obsolete, your accessories shouldn't have to. This premise lead to the creation of the ROXON modular smartphone system offering innovative accessories like shareable bluetooth speakers and chargers that snap easily on the company's proprietary base. The Vibes Audio team has 100+ years experience in design, innovation, and product development with leading companies like TDK, Vizio, Harman Kardon, and JBL for example.

The Challenge

Like many clients that come to Goldencomm, their web design firms create wonderful imagery but fall short when it comes to ecommerce execution. This was the case with Vibes Audio. Their former website vendor had great difficulty in customizing the user experience to drive online conversions. Goldencomm to the rescue.

Vibes Modular
Vibes Modular

The Solution

Goldencomm recommended the client utilize Shopify Plus, the robust version of Shopify ecommerce platform that provides excellent scalability and customizations. In addition to completely redesigning the site with branding and user experience in mind, Goldencomm launched their site in 60 days. Goldencomm also stepped in to provide some best practice guidance in terms of broad marketing support to help drive success pre and post launch. It was this extra attention to detail that fostered a great relationship that is now leading to an array of digital marketing services support to build brand awareness and drive online sales for this new company. #VibeAnywhere

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