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Carrington College

Carrington College

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Company Overview

Carrington College is a network of colleges with its headquarters in Sacramento, California and 17 locations throughout the Western United States. Established in 1967, it has a student enrollment of over 5,200 and 132,000 alumni. The mission of Carrington College is to provide career-focused health care degrees and certificates and industrial majors to a diverse population of students. In order to empower their students, Carrington offers a variety of online degrees and certificate programs including: nursing, medical, dental, veterinary and criminal justice programs, to name a few.

What We Did

GoldenComm created a custom sales focused education platform with web personalization capabilities that dynamically displays content based on criteria of location and career aspirations tailored to each individual student. An advanced Google Analytics and tracking configuration provides training information and aggregated reports to improve performance to the leadership team.

Carrington College
Carrington College

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