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Intelligent Pole Base

Intelligent Pole Base

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  • IP Geolocation Functionality
  • Modern UX/UI Design
  • Custom Tool to Build a Product

Company Overview

Intelligent Pole Base is a company that is forward-thinking and planning for the future. They have identified an opportunity to shake up the traditional, block of concrete parking lot lighting foundations. Intelligent Pole Base created their own smart pole base housing.

Their base is engineered from steel to remain a solid foundation for the pole and any custom features that are added. Custom pole base features that can be added include digital signage, cameras, and EV charging stations, just to name a few. This makes for more attractive parking lots and can also drive increased revenue for property owners.

If you’re a commercial property owner keep in mind, the world is moving towards electric vehicles. Therefore, EV charging stations are becoming more and more important. If you want to stay ahead of the curve and are interested in maximizing efficiency in parking lots with Intelligent Pole Base, check out the pole base specs and get a quote today.

What We Did

GoldenComm stepped in and created a beautiful user interface design, with a meticulously planned user experience. We built Intelligent Pole Base’s new website on WordPress. It showcases their unique product while educating the customer on WHY it makes sense for property owners to purchase these bases. As part of the user experience optimization, we implemented IP geolocation to locate sales representatives closest to the user that is visiting the website. Users can then reach out directly to learn more or request a quote.

The website is beautifully designed and is visually appealing. It also has all the on-page SEO best practices in place so that Google is able to properly “read” and rank the website. We have identified keywords that are important for Intelligent Pole Base and optimized each page towards a specific keyword. Now that the new website has been launched, our Online Marketing Group has taken over to provide digital marketing services to drive leads to the website.

Intelligent Pole Base
Intelligent Pole Base

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