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Principal Technology, Inc.

Principal Technology, Inc.

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Company Overview

Principal Technology, Inc. is an engineering firm based in Texas that excels in designing and engineering robust systems for clients in the industrial and manufacturing industries. They offer multi-discipline, integrated, and complete system solutions, including chemical, mechanical, piping, electrical, instrument, and control system engineering and design. Their robust portfolio includes projects such as sulfur recovery services, combustion management, and safety systems.


What We Did

GoldenComm worked with Principal Technology to redesign and build a Golden Rule-empowered website that would better represent their wide range of services and increase their B2B lead generation. For this, we created easy-to-understand menus and split their services into three main categories. Plus, each page features related projects – labeled "Our Work" – to help showcase their breadth of knowledge and authority in the engineering and design field, along with a contact form at the bottom to make it easy for prospective customers to reach out at any time. This, coupled with advanced tracking features, allows Principal Technology to more accurately track and convert leads that come in.


Principal Technology, Inc.
Principal Technology, Inc.

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