Professional Website Design

You have one chance to make a first impression

We’ve learned a thing or two after designing over 500 websites over the years. While design concepts have changed, and a Mobile-First responsive approach to design is somewhat new, what hasn’t changed for us is that we have always believed that form follows function, and that user experience is everything.


Professional Website Responsive Design

Our approach to experiential website design is to first get to know our clients and their customers really well. Usually our first phase of any new project includes understanding target customer personas and identifying features and functions. And prior to that it’s getting a solid understanding of the ROI and goals of your project and research. As part of our discovery efforts, we take a strategic approach before we get to any of the creative work. For more on our process go here.

For our eCommerce and lead generation clients, we’ve learned that branding can have a big impact on results. The stronger the brand the more inclined users are to submit their information or buy an item online. Our professional website design team can provide branding support.

Professional Web Design |Experiential Web Design

When Milspec Direct asked us for help on their extension cord eCommerce website, we suggested they create an all new moniker with new branding that could resonate well with largely male audience of contractors along with a new hedgehog website. The name we came up with was: Bad Ass Extension Cords. From name development, to logo & identity, we can support your efforts to drive better results when it’s time for web design.


After a session on identifying content priorities, we start designing. The design process usually includes wireframes that are like a blueprint for your website. We start with Mobile designs first as it forces us to create user friendly designs. From there we create comps for key pages of the site. Through an iterative process, and with best practices in mind for great user experiences (UX), we provide design comps. Once approved by our clients we integrate the designs. And prior to launching our sites our design reviews all sites prior to going live to ensure the vision is realized and that usability is solid. Some might call this experiential design.

Professional Website Design Wireframe

Clients ask for help for other design support after we launch their sites. Yup, we do that too. Hit us up for branding guidelines (brand user guide), mood boards, print design (like flyers, brochures) or trade show graphics. Tshirts too. Glad to help you extend your brand outside of digital.

Check out some of our professional website design work in our Portfolio section.