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We've learned a thing or two after designing 500+ websites over the years. While design concepts have changed, and responsive web design is now the standard, what hasn't changed for us is that we have always believed that form follows function and that user experience is everything. Did you know, "42% of people will leave a website because of poor functionality" (Top Design Firms, 2021)? Our goal is to deliver a website to you that performs, not just a website that looks pretty.

Web Design Process

Our professional web design process is meticulous, tested, and proven. Before we start designing we take each project through a process to ensure that we are creating a website that will provide a great user experience and solve the problems of the website’s visitors.

Web design process
  • Learning Your Business

    In order to design a website that truly fits your needs the first thing we do is become an expert at your business. We’ll schedule a meeting to learn the following:

    • What makes your business unique
    • How it operates
    • What are your pain points
    • What are your business' goals
    • What is your vision for the website
    • What drives your company’s economic engine
  • Strategy

    On the pyramid of success, there is a block called "Industriousness" which is hard work and careful planning. As part of careful planning, we research before we draw up the strategy. Some of the things we investigate include:

    • Competition and industry
    • Current website's data
      • Google Analytics
      • Traffic sources
      • Devices used to view the site
      • Geo locations of visitors
      • Screen sizes
      • Popular pages
      • Seasonality in traffic

    Then we move into creating a content strategy by diving into the information architecture process. This way we ensure we have the right content for the users that visit your website.

  • Persona Development

    When creating a design for your website, it is essential to know each type of visitor that will come to the site. Different types of users are looking for different things, and we need to make sure that the products or services they are looking for are accessible and available.

  • Conversion Mapping

    Now that we have established each type of visitor, we can prioritize their value based on their impact on your company’s revenue. Next, we will create a path to guide these users to the desired interaction with the website. That could be getting them to fill out a form, reach out by calling, or buying a product.

  • User Experience Design (Wireframes)

    This is the blueprint of the website. We establish the layout based on information architecture and conversion mapping. Our website designs go through a detailed wireframing process to ensure that the user experience is thoroughly planned and our websites are intuitive. As part of the user experience design process, we establish user stories. These user stories help to:

    • Clarify requirements with the client
    • Effectively communicate with the development team
    • Create efficiency in User acceptance testing before the site is launched
  • Style Guide

    Our web design and development teams worked together to create an awesome style guide. It’s geared towards a smooth and efficient handoff from our UX/UI designers to our web developers. The style guide establishes everything needed for design consistency such as font styles, colors, and global elements like buttons and forms, just to name a few things.

  • Design

    Finally, it's time! At this point our experienced web designers take control. We utilize Figma for design, a powerful tool used to create websites and apps. It also has prototyping capabilities that come in handy when it’s time to present designs to you, the client.

    One thing that makes our designs amazing is that everything about them is well planned and intentional.

What's Next?

Once we have crafted the perfect design the next step is website development. During this process our project management department will work closely with you, our web development teams, and our online marketing team to bring the new design to life.

Building For Humans and Robots


We don't just design websites that are visually appealing, we go deeper than that. Through 25+ years of expertise we have gained the ability to design for people and for robots, including the most powerful search engine, Google.

Professional Website Design Projects

How Much Does a Website Cost?

The short answer is it really depends. The cost of a website is determined by many factors such as: does the website need to have eCommerce functionality, if so how deep is your product catalog or service offering, are there any third-party integrations, will we be developing any custom features and how many pages will the website have. There are other factors that impact price that we can discuss in more detail.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with us to get an estimate for your project, please give us a call at 949-574-5500 or contact us via the form in the sidebar.

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Based in Newport Beach in sunny Orange County, we have been serving Southern California and the Los Angeles area since our inception. Now serving clients nationwide. With four offices on three continents, we offer a global cadence to execute projects on time and on budget.

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