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GoldenComm {legal name: Golden Communications, Inc.} was established in 1996. 

The 70+ wildly talented people that work here (last count… and we’re hiring by the way) love what they do – it's true, and anyone that has come to any of our offices will tell you just that.

Like a lot of companies, GoldenComm started with one person in his parents' home. For us, that person is Jason Lavin and that year was 1996. Today, GoldenComm has four offices Newport Beach, California, Salt Lake City, Utah, Wrocław, Poland and Pune, India on three continents.

Companies like ours exist because we can be more nimble than the big guys for a variety of projects.

BIG COMPANIES hire us to do a variety of projects and development work that would simply just take them too long to do. Or, maybe they don't have the skill sets in-house.  We have several F500 clients in our portfolio. If you are a large company and want your website or microsite to work harder for you, give us a call.

MID-SIZED COMPANIES hire us when they want to compete at the next level, whether that's B-2-B lead generation, e-commerce or back-of-the-house programming. The Internet is a tool that levels the playing field for all companies, and GoldenComm helps medium and large companies compete in new and innovative ways.

Audra and Josh

We help big companies work small and help small companies work big.

Our Story


In 1996, four years into his first job working at a water utility company, Jason fielded a phone call from his post-college roommate, Jerry McGee, who was working at a Newport Beach ad agency.

Jerry asked Jason, "Hey – do you know any of our bros that can do a website?" After a bit of a pause, Jason responded, "Yes. I can do it."

"No… seriously," says Jerry, "this is for a real client of mine, and I'm in a new job. I need to find someone that can really do this right."

"I can do it," Jason said.

After some back and forth on the phone and without any real backup plan, Jerry agreed to give Jason the business, charging Jerry $5,000.00 to do the site.

As you might suspect, Jason fought through and developed his first website. Then he did another one. Then another one. And another one. Finally in 1999, after years of nights and weekends balancing this new venture and his “real job” at a water utility company, Jason rented a 300 square foot office and put a sign on the door declaring Golden State Communications “Open for Business.”

As the company grew and added employees, our space grew with it, eventually growing out of our original space on 17th street in Newport Beach. Today, GoldenComm's headquarters is walking distance from John Wayne Airport in our own stand-alone building, equipped with fiber optics from street to desktop, a state-of-the-art computer lab, a library, a video studio, and a large sized conference room.

Today, GoldenComm still calls sunny Orange County home, but has grown to the far corners of the world, with offices in Wroclaw, Poland, Pune, India and Salt Lake City, Utah. Being on three continents and four separate time-zones gives us a 24/7 work cadence unlike most agencies.

The GoldenComm story is just beginning and we’d love for you to be a part of it. Give us a call anytime to hear what we can do for you.


Based in Newport Beach in sunny Orange County, we have been serving Southern California and the Los Angeles area since our inception. Now serving clients nationwide. With four offices on three continents, we offer a global cadence to execute projects on time and on budget.

Orange County
World Headquarters
3420 Irvine Avenue
Newport Beach, CA 92660

(949) 570-6438 - sales
(949) 574-5500 - support
Salt Lake City
Development Office
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

(801) 704-7703 - sales
Pune, India
.NET Development Office
Magarpatta City, Hadapsar
Pune - 411028
Wroclaw, Poland
PHP Development Office
Pigwowa 2/B1-B2
52-210 Wrocław
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