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Make Videos That Connect with your Audience

Today more than ever, using your website to stand out from the noise is critical to the success of your company.

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Today, more than ever, using your website to stand out from the noise is critical to the success of your company.

Creating videos is a great option that provides many benefits to your website and company. Here are the top three benefits, in no particular order, of adding custom video to your website.

Video Quickly Delivers Your Message

Do yourself a huge favor and head to a local coffee house with WiFi and bring up your home page. Offer to buy anyone their coffee or drink for 3 minutes of their time – tell them the truth, that you’re doing a research project. Now you have their attention, have them spend 120 seconds on your website. Have them start with your home page and click anywhere they want. Time them: 120 seconds, that's it. After that time is up, close the computer and ask them "what is it that this company does?" and "who does this company consider their customer?" Have a 60-second conversation and see how they do.

Adding video to your website can help articulate exactly what message you want your visitor to take away. A good example of this is our client at Gaudy Law. Visit their website and watch their 120-second company intro to see for yourself.

Rule 4 - Make videos that connect with your audience

Video Helps Empathize with Your Audience

Most people that visit your site have a problem that your product or service can solve. A HUGE part of getting value from your product or service is to empathize with your web visitor and get that visitor to like you. After all, until you can get a buyer to “like” you, their purchase decision most likely will be driven by price – an unenvious position for you and your company.

A good example of this is from our client, Phoenix Spine Center. Back pain is very difficult to explain without video – and a website without video makes it incredibly difficult to empathize with the potential client. With video, however, we’re able to help the visitor understand their pain, and what remedies are possible.

Rule 4 - Phoenix spine video sample

Above, Dr. Daniel Lieberman gives a step-by-step overview of the different types of back pain and the procedures he offers to remedy the problem. We immediately saw conversion rates more than double after the additions of these videos.

Also, there's a little-known fact that video on your website dramatically helps your SEO. Additionally, YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Web (after Google, of course). Annual information released by Google shows that more and more users are using YouTube as a search engine – so the time to get going on this Golden Rule is NOW.

Video Humanizes Your Company

We have all seen product videos that catch our attention and keep us engaged for a few minutes. Whether it’s a how-to video or a product demonstration, we feel more connected to the company whose product or service we are learning about. That is because, through video, you are able to humanize your company. By producing a how-to video for one of your products, you are not only demonstrating the ideal use of the product, but you are also positioning your company as a thought leader in your space. Video also gives you an opportunity to show off your staff and their expertise with not just your products, but the industry as a whole.


Using video to connect with your audience is a no-brainer in today’s mobile world. People are consuming video content on a much greater scale than just a couple of years ago. Ask yourself, would you read an article that is going to take you 10 minutes or watch a video in two minutes? Pretty simple, isn’t it? The difference between marketing that we pay attention to and marketing that is easily forgotten is the consumer's ability to relate to it. And we are seeing no better way to relate than through video.

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