CJ Explains Triple Whale

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Introducing CJ Bautista

Introducing CJ Bautista and a rundown on Triple Whale analytics for eCommerce

Introducing CJ Bautista

0:05 – introducing CJ Bautista.
Originally from Orange County (south OC) – graduated from Santa Margarita High School and went to university at San Diego (Aztec). CJ graduated in five years (COVID slowed it down just a bit) with a major in Marketing and a minor in Entrepreneurship.

1:50 – how GoldenComm and CJ first met each other.
A mutual friend (Don Woods) introduced CJ to GoldenComm. A good pro tip for colleague grads here: ask your neighbors if they know of any job openings…  you never know who knows whom out there.

3:55 – “get your reps” when you get to work.
CJ talked about the transition from the marketing courses at college to the real world in his marketing job at GoldenComm.

5:55 – helping out with Sunset Rewind (podcast studio).
CJ joined us when we were boot-strapping a podcast show, Sunset Rewind. We were renting space and setting up and CJ would help with the technical production of the show.

7:00 – the last time you looked up at the clock and could not believe it.
Being enthusiastic about your job is critical to anyone’s success. CJ talks about a client of his that he’s working with where it’s challenging so fun that the day just goes right by. Strategy. High Level (CJ calls it ‘heady’ work).

9:00 – some tools that CJ uses at work.
Enter Triple Whale - CJ introduces a tool you probably haven’t heard of. It’s called “Triple Whale”. It’s a tool focused on Ecommerce tracking and helps breakdown each platform companies use for marketing to make effective business decisions.

11:00 - "Why would you need Triple Whale if you have GA4?"
"Triple Whale gives you more accurate data reporting for platforms outside of Google. Get the most accurate data for social media channels you can’t get with GA4 with easy pixel installation. Attribute marketing efforts effectively and efficiently.

13:34 - Triple Whale Dashboard
Get a beautiful and simple analytics dashboard. Get an overall view of your different marketing channels in one place. Shopify, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and your Web Analytics.

15:13 - Get the Details with Specific Channel Analytics
CJ shares a high-level view of what a pixel is and how Triple Whale Displays each traffic source. Anything from text messaging, social media, paid ads, and organic.

16:23 - Drill down! Know Your Attribution
CJ shares how you can see exactly where your customers are converting, what campaign they came from, and what ad they clicked on. Vital information for business strategy.

17:09 - How to Build Segments/Audiences in Triple Whale
See what CJ has been working on. Learn how to build out audiences to specific lists and groups of people who have taken action around your business. Once there’s a spreadsheet of these customers we can then build on top of those with what are called “look-a-like” audiences for people with similar interests.

Hope you enjoy the conversation and watch out for CJ - he's a player, for sure.

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