From Fax Marketing to Elvis Costello

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How Ingram Micro's Town Halls Tap Into Music

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Walk up music: David Bowie (Let's Dance)
David Bowie (per Dennis) "the coolest artist ever to grace the earth..."  
Dennis was an impressionable teenager when he was listening to Bowie.

Welcome to the podcast show: Dennis Crupi, Vice President of Marketing at Ingram Micro.

Dennis has been with Ingram for over 25 years. Before Ingram he was in a band, chasing the dream.  After meeting a beautiful woman, his transitioned his career to “a real job” and started at Ingram Micro (first job out of school) and he’s still there.  Dennis started in “fax marketing”.

Before the Internet (and email) there was Fax Marketing.  Dennis would design the ads using QuarkXPress – he would work with the account managers and their customers on the ads throughout the week and finish them by Friday.

Then in the middle of the night (over the weekend) the faxes would go out to thousands of people throughout the USA with the weekly offers.

Today, as VP of Marketing in the USA, Dennis oversees the Agency Ingram Micro.  He helps tell the stories of how technology works in everyday life, and also the Agency Ingram Micro is for hire for both MSPs and Manufacturers to help tell their stories.

One of the other jobs Dennis has at Ingram Micro is EVENTS.

This podcast is the story of how Dennis and the team put on virtual events during the pandemic. How they used music to get them through, and what they learned (and to some degree how it’s changed how they do things, forever).

Thank you, Dennis – what a great story and hope that people enjoy it.

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