From FOX Sport to FOX Sports with Jacob Ullman

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Jacob has been at at FOX Sports for over 30 years (if you count his intern years).

Jason catches up with Jacob Ullman - Senior Vice President, Production and Talent Development at FOX Sports

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Welcome Jacob Ulman. Jacob is the Senior Vice President, Production and Talent Development at FOX Sports where he's been (if you count his intern years) for over 30 years. 

Some highlights of the podcast, below:

0:52 - Talent and Development in Jacob's world
1:50 - Background on Jacob (childhood years)
2:30 - Newport Harbor High School Mentor/Mentee program
2:50 - Growing up in a "sailing" family - Chuck Ullman and Dave Ullman (grandfather and father)
4:10 - University of Southern California years
5:00 - "What did you want to be when you were growing up?"
5:25 - "I always wanted to be a sportscaster..."
8:00 - Joe Buck and Troy Aikman
9:00 - Interning at Prime Ticket and first job
9:35 - Prime Ticket became FOX Sports West and then Bally Sports West
10:15 - Call from Doug Jackson at FOX Sports - asked if Jacob wants to help with the NFL
13:22 - Started at FOX a researcher (stats & stories)
16:30 - FOX started with one sport (the NFL) - and then started adding more (hockey was next)
17:40 - More sports = more work... started doing production work on the side
19:15 - Current role as Senior Vice President (NFL, NASCAR and WWE)
22:30 - Non-profit groups and helping the community and heart for Newport Beach
24:10 - Today's high school sports and ability to livestream
25:40 - Development talent at the high school
26:30 - What makes someone good...
28:00 - What advice does 50-year old Jacob give 25-year old Jacob?
31:00 - Thank you, Jacob, for sharing your lessons with us!

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