GLS in the US

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Steven Bergan talks about taking on the duopoly in the shipping business as president of GLS USA. Watch out for these guys.

Steven Bergan explains the niches that GLS resides.
Most Americans are unaware of the company named GLS.

However, almost every European knows who they are.

GLS, a logistics juggernaut in Europe, is quickly expanding to the states and will soon hope to be competing with the duopoly of household names: UPS and FedEx.

Learn about the career path of Steve Bergan, a hopeful accountant who started out as an entry-level employee at a local logistics company (Postal Express).  He then joined the ranks of Microsoft, achieving his “dream job” as a business analyst, only to find out the tech giant was too rigid for him.

Steven then boomeranged back to Postal Express with an arsenal of new skills.

During his second term at Postal Express, the company went on an acquisition spree.  The lessons learned during these mergers and acquisitions led him to be the deserving candidate to head up GLS US when Postal Express was ultimately acquired by the firm.

Steven and Jason discuss GLS, what it's like having a boss who is in another country, how to succeed in an ecom ecosystem, how to set goals, along with many other topics. 

Hope you enjoy this podcast. 

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