Steaks and Banks

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Terry Liebman’s Steak House Index (SHI) combines math, economics, and American’s steakhouses to take a pulse of the current economy. A fun and fascinating lens. Also discussed (considering the recent SVB failure) is the subject of “bank panic” – which Terry does a great job of explaining. Don’t miss it!

Terry joins Jason to talk about American steakhouses, the economy and bank woes.


Intro: nice relaxing classical music to set the mood for economics

Jason talks to Terry Liebman, about a tool he invented called, “The Steak House Index” – it was born 5 or 6 years ago – to supplement the standard economic data is commonly used to forecast the strength or weakness of markets.

Most of the data used to forecast economic trends are an activity that is lagging (things that have already happened).

Wouldn’t it be nice to look at data about things that have yet to happen?

Enter SHI where on Wednesday, a report is published on how busy selected steakhouses are going to be on Saturday. Ten different cities. For steakhouses in each city. Forty different restaurants.

“When I go to an expensive steakhouse, and it’s full…” – that means something. What, exactly does that mean… watch the podcast to find out.

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