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An inspiring story of "Antarctic Mike" and how (and why) he trained for his marathon in Antarctica. Lots of lessons in here.

Mike Pierce talks with Jason Lavin about everything Antarctica
Do you know the story of Ernest Shackleton?  Most americans have not. 

Meet Mike Pierce (aka Antartic Mike).  Mike was first exposed to Ernest Shackleton while on a business trip in Bakersfiled, CA.  He stopped by a book store (Barnes and Noble, if you remember those) and noticed "a history-looking book in the business section."

What happened to Mke in this bookstore changed his life, forever.  That book birthed an infatuation for Antarctica which led him to discover the story of The Endurance and Ernest Shackleton's expedition. That story fascinated and inspired Mike who wanted to walk in Ernest's shoes. 

Fast forward to a decade later... Mike runs a marathon in Antartica.

Antarctic Mike has an incredible story in how he trained for this marathon. During his training and through his research on Antarctica, Mike learned many valuable lessons which he graciously shares with us in this podcast.

Hope you enjoy it.

Side note:  If you're looking to hire a keynote speaker for your next company retreat or conference, Mike Pierce (aka Anartic Mike) has an excellent track record.  


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