Audra Gussin

Audra Gussin Lead Project Manager

Life is an adventure, and one of my greatest passions is meeting people from all walks of life and cultures, probably one main reason why I often venture out and explore this world. Drop me on top of a mountain, throw me on a boat, or even overwhelm me in a crowded city...I can say first hand, it’s the people I meet along the way that will play a huge role in shaping the journey.

As Lead Project Manager at GoldenComm, I play a key role in our project management process for our website development builds, from creating a business case and a clear and realistic project plan, all the way to the website launch. I’m grateful to be immersed in such interpersonal relationships, hard work, risk-taking, quality, creativity, teaching, learning, technology, digital marketing...and of course scope, schedule and budget!  Working with our diverse clients and our one-of-a-kind worldwide team on exciting web projects provides me with a work environment and culture to be proud of. There really is something to be said about loving what you do.