Jason Lavin Chief Executive Officer

My wife (Brenda) and I both graduated from Tustin High in 1988. Like many others on my block and around the corner, I graduated from USC. Today, we live in Newport Beach with our three kids, one dog and I can walk to the office (I've heard people call the office my tree house). Some might think it's funny that I wear flip flops to work most days - I just think it's comfortable and faster than putting on shoes. I'm all about family, neighborhood, friends, sports (don't play much anymore, but love to coach) and tradition.

I started GoldenComm 23 years ago when I told a good friend that I could do his client's website. Truth be told, the down payment he gave me to build the website I used to buy my first computer (Gateway 386). With a little luck, and some good friends, I figured it out. Over the years, we've grown to over 40 employees locally (Newport Beach) and 70 world-wide (Poland, India and Salt Lake City) and support over 400 clients. My job here is leadership and strategy, but I can still be found online, late at night, in the weeds of a client's website, analyzing to improve that conversion rate by 1%. That's just what I do. I love helping big companies work lean and small. I also love helping smaller companies compete with the big boys. The Internet is awesome, still growing and new opportunities open up daily. 

Oh yes, we're always looking to hire wildly talented people.