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Brand New Day

Brand New Day

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  • Kentico CMS
  • Responsive Design
  • Custom Plan Finder
  • eCommerce Shop

Company Overview

Brand New Day is a HMO healthcare company focusing on Medicare and Medi-Cal health insurance for individuals with Medicare only, Medicare and Medi-Cal, and / or individuals with ongoing medical conditions, or those who live in long-term care facilities. They’ve been providing healthcare you can feel good about and helping members save on prescription drugs for more than 35 years. Brand New Day offers many healthcare plan resources for individuals in California as part of their focused on helping their members navigate the complex healthcare system with the goal of improving quality of life.

The Challenge

Brand New Day needed to move their current website to a CMS that would allow them to more easily update their content. In the process they wanted to modernize their design, make their website responsive, and put the site onto a platform that would allow them to easily scale as they grow their online presence.

Brand New Day
Brand New Day

The Solution

At GoldenComm we are Kentico Gold Partners, and we helped Brand New Day by building them a completely new website leveraging the Kentico CMS. With a fresh and updated design, GoldenComm was able to create a completely responsive website that is easily accessible from any device whether it is mobile or desktop. We built a custom Plan Finder feature that allows Brand New Day members to walk through a few easy steps to find the Brand New Day health plan that best fits their needs. We also built an eCommerce shop that allows users to order benefit materials.

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