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Meziere Enterprises

Meziere Enterprises

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  • ECommerce
  • Customer Tiered Pricing
  • Responsive Design
  • Kentico CMS


It is always the best working with great people, and this family owned and operated company proves this true! You don't grow in the performance vehicle racing parts business for over 27 years without quality products that solve your customers' problems and tech and customer service that supports it all. While strong in most aftermarket racing parts, they really excel in electric water pumps, racing flexplates, racing starters and mechanical water pumps. GoldenComm has had the pleasure of having Meziere Enterprises as a client for many years now, and more recently launched their updated eCommerce website.


Meziere.com had grown their online presence over the years, and it was time to bring the brand into a new. After learning how their customers search for products and the type of information they are looking for, it was apparent that simplicity in terms of product organization, was key. The goal was to make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for, and ultimately, make the purchase. Meziere has dynamic content and needed a user friendly CMS that was easily updated by the Meziere team.

Solution and Results

There is something to be said about simplicity. Meziere was able to get an affordable, new E-commerce website. Their customers can more easily find detailed information on their part numbers, download specifications if needed, and purchase products both on desktop and mobile now.

  • Monthly hours saved on development/support in using the new CMS
  • Within first month of launching, saw Increase in Ave. Session Duration
  • Increase in efficiency fulfilling orders via admin

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