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Sweet Baby Shade

Sweet Baby Shade

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Company Overview

The sun is bad for adults, and devastating for babies.

Steiner Innovations LLC created Sweet Baby Shade to provide portable, impact-resistant stroller shades for Moms and Dads to protect their little one's skin from sun damage. 

The Challenge

Sweet Baby Shade came to GoldenComm with the challenge to: 1) create an EComm site that was intuitive for both the user and the admin of the site and 2) utilize our marketing experts to push this new product and business into the world, making an impact in the highly competitive stroller market.

Sweet Baby Shade
Sweet Baby Shade

The Solution

Our longtime relationship with Sweet Baby Shade's parent company, Steiner Innovations, made this build a real homerun. 

We leveraged Shopify's simple shopping features and easy check-out to make buying easy, but more than that, we created a community and a story around the Sweet Baby Shade family using user generated reviews and original video content. 

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